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Gregory C. Harrell, Clerk of Court and Comptroller of Marion County, Florida
Marion County Clerk of Court and Comptroller
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Criminal Payments

Disclaimer for Online Credit Card Payments

Before you pay:

  • You must submit a separate payment for each case you intend to pay.
  • If this is your first payment in more than a year on the case(s), please contact our office before payment to confirm the account balance(s).
  • A 3.5% convenience fee is added for processing payments using your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Card.
  • Zip code, CVV (Card verification value), expiration, name attached to credit card must be accurate; otherwise payment will be declined, and a temporary hold will be placed on your account.
  • If you were sentenced to pay Cost of Incarceration by the Court, please be advised that payment will also require payment of interest. Please contact our office to obtain a judgment payoff statement regarding amount of interest owed before submitting payment towards these fees.
  • If you are on an active term of supervision through the Salvation Army Corrections Department, please contact their office to make payments towards fines, court costs and surcharges, etc.
  • If you are on an active term of supervision through Florida Department of Corrections, please know that payments submitted using this method are not applied towards any outstanding balances for restitution or probation costs (cost of supervision, drug and alcohol screens, etc.).

Submission of a Payment Does Not:

  • It does not automatically clear any suspensions from your driver’s license. You will still be required to submit a clearance form to the Department of Motor Vehicles and pay a reinstatement fee to that office. Please contact the Clerk’s Office to request that a clearance form be issued to you.
  • It does not excuse you from any previously scheduled court appearance in front of a Judge. Please contact our office for details on any required court appearances.
  • It does not automatically enroll you in a monthly payment agreement with this office. Please contact our office to determine if you qualify for a monthly payment agreement and how to enroll in such an agreement.
  • It does not satisfy any other outstanding conditions required to be completed. Please contact our office or view your case online at for details on other requirements needing to be completed.