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Gregory C. Harrell, Clerk of Court and Comptroller of Marion County, Florida
Marion County Clerk of Court and Comptroller
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Clerk's Duties & Responsibilities

The Marion County Clerk of Court and Comptroller’s office is a complex organization that performs a wide range of financial and information management and record keeping services for the citizens of Marion County, the Board of County Commissioners, and the judicial system.

  • The Clerk serves as the chief financial officer of the county. In this capacity the Clerk ensures that all expenditures of county funds are authorized by law.
  • The Clerk serves as the Budget Officer for the Board of County Commissioners.
  • The Clerk serves as Internal Auditor for Marion County.
  • The Clerk of Court and Comptroller is the official recorder and custodian of all documents placed in the Marion County Official Records. The Official Records are a permanent repository of those documents which primarily relate to real estate transactions. As Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners, the Clerk attends all Board meetings, records the proceedings, and maintains minutes of each meeting.
  • The Clerk of Court, as an officer of the Marion County Court system, is responsible for maintaining court records with the utmost care and security. These court records include criminal felony and misdemeanor cases, civil, family, probate, and small claims proceedings, juvenile cases, and traffic citations.
  • The Clerk issues jury summonses, makes requisitions, and distributes payment of fees to jurors.
  • The Clerk issues marriage licenses.
  • The Clerk's office has been designated by the United States Department of State to receive and process passport applications and is the only agency in Marion County so empowered.

All records filed with the Clerk are available for public inspection during normal business hours with the exception of those records specifically exempt by judicial order or statute.