File Transfer Protocol

This service allows the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) of the Official Records index and/or images.  The fee for the index alone is $600.00 in advance for each calendar year.  Images are also available for $.02 per image paid monthly, requiring ACH payment method.  CDs of the images and indexes are also available for a fee.  Please contact the Official Records department for additional information or to register for the FTP service.

Official Records Registered User

This service allows access to all Official Records images including the ones not statutorily available from the public web site. The cost of this non-court service is $150.00 annually, renewable each year on the anniversary date of service.

If you would like to apply for access to this service, please complete the Registered User Request Form from the link below, sign it, and return it with your payment to the address stated on the form. Upon receipt of your completed form and payment, we will complete the setup process and email you with your login and password.

Please note: Registered User access is not compatible with Apple products.