Juvenile Delinquency

All records are confidential. However, with proper picture identification the case may be reviewed by the parent, legal guardian and/or child. Court appointed and private attorneys also have access to the court files only if they have filed their notice of appearance in the particular case.

Our department refrains from giving information over the telephone, as we are uncertain who exactly may be calling. Again, these records are confidential, and we recommend the party to come in our office with proper picture identification in order for us to pull the court file.

We process civil complaints brought in by victims and/or by the parents of the juvenile victim(s). There is no charge for this service, However, they will need to bring the probable cause affidavit from the responding police department with them, as that becomes part of the case.

Juvenile Court Ordered Restitution
Restitution is processed through the Clerk's Office. However, there is a $3.50 charge per payment made. Payment shall be made by money order, cash and/or certified check. NO PERSONAL CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED.

Obtaining a Copy of The Recorded Court Proceeding
All juvenile delinquency cases are recorded. The parent, child and/or attorney can obtain a copy of the recorded portion of their particular hearing from court administration. 

The original arrest affidavits become confidential once they are received from police agencies. Our office does provide the Office of the State Attorney, the School Board and Dept. of Juvenile Justice with appropriate copies.

Complaints / Hearings
Upon a civil complaint and/or arrest affidavit being filed with us, the Clerk's Office must wait until the Office of the State Attorney files a petition. Once the petition is filed we schedule the case for an arraignment. The child, parent and/or legal guardian are summoned to appear.

Detention Hearings
Juvenile detention hearings are conducted each day at 8:00 AM, before a Circuit Judge in the Judicial Center.

Juvenile Records
Any juvenile that has been arrested and found guilty and/or admitted to the charge will have a criminal history. If they are eventually charged as an adult in any case, a background check of their juvenile records will be conducted. Depending on the crime, points from their juvenile records may be added to their adult charges, of which can give them more jail and/or prison time. We currently have record of cases for the last 75 years.

Sealing or Expunging a Record
Please refer to Sealing and Expunging on our website.

Emancipation of a Juvenile
You must contact an attorney to handle this process for you.