You will be expected to report for jury duty on the date shown on your summons. If you believe that you do not qualify because of one of the reasons below, you may return the Jury Duty Excusal form to our Jury Clerk.

Jury Excusal

You may complete and mail signed portion of your jury summons to request an excusal. Alternatively, you may fill out the excusal form online at

Request for excusal must be submitted 5 working days prior to reporting or it may be denied. An email response to your request will be sent to you generally within three (3) days following receipt of your request.

You may choose not to serve if:

  • You were summoned and reported for jury service in Marion County within one (1) year prior to date for which summoned.
  • You are 70 or older.
  • You are an expectant mother.
  • You are a parent not working full time with custody of a child under six (6) years old.
  • You are a full-time federal, state, or local law enforcement officer or investigator.
  • You are responsible for the care of someone mentally or physically unable to care for himself or herself (Please provide person's name in Comments area).
  • You are a full-time student between 18 and 21 years of age.
  • You are a practicing attorney or physician.
  • You are physically sick or disabled.

You may not serve if:

  • You are not a citizen of the United States.
  • You are a convicted felon whose civil rights have not been restored.
  • You are currently under criminal prosecution.
  • You are the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Cabinet Officer, Clerk of Court, or a Judge.
  • You are not a legal resident of Marion County.