Instructions for Searching David Cook Archives

Click on the Public Search of Articles and Clippings link.  Select David Cook from the Search Type list.

To perform a search of all items, click on the Search button without inputting any criteria.  Otherwise, you can enter information in any of the search fields and click on the Search button.

Search Fields:

DocDate – Put in a beginning date and/or an ending date to limit the search in the specified time period.

Title – Enter the title of the article to bring up a list of associated items.  Entering a word will return all items that begin with that word in the title.  If you type in the percent sign (%) then a word, it will return all items with that word anywhere in the title.

Category – Choices of Category are Articles or Resources.

Subset – Choices of Subset are Articles, Clippings, Excerpts, Interview, Personal Notes, or Photographs.

Full Text – Enter a word to search by a keyword that may be found in an article.  For example:  The word Tarzan will return all items with Tarzan anywhere in the text of the document.

Once you have clicked on the Search button, a list of results will display.

Viewing Images:

To view one of the items, click on the corresponding icon on the left of the screen.

If there are 2 or more pages to the Article, you can toggle between the pages by clicking on the items being displayed in the navigation pane on the left side of the screen.

The icons on the top right side of the window can be used for magnifying, downloading, or exiting the window.

If you click on the download icon, you will have the option to open the tif file for that page on your computer.  If you do not have your computer set up to open tif files, you may need to do so before viewing these images.  Instead, you may change the file extension in your downloads folder from .tif to .jpg.

If you are viewing a clipping or a photograph, you may wish to download the item for best quality viewing since the default viewer is a black-and-white low resolution image.

Closing the Image and Performing a New Search:

Click on the X in the top right corner to close the item you are viewing.

To perform a new search, click on Edit Search from the Search Results page.

It will be necessary to remove the last criteria before performing a new search.

Advanced Searching using Variables:



Search Criteria

Returned Results




All Files in Project




Any file starting with “John”




Any file containing “Johnson” in that field




Any file NOT starting with “107”


Exact Search


All files EXACTLY “107”


Exact Search


All files that are blank in that field


Exact Search

~”John Dunn”

All files that contain the phrase “John Dunn”


Not blank


All files that are NOT blank in that field




All files EXCEPT the files that contain “Christy”




Any file that contains 107634 or 107721 in that field