Document Types Table

The following types of documents are currently included in this search

Type of Instrument Abbreviation Document Types in Category
Affidavit AFF Affidavit, Declaration of Domicile
Affidavit AFFDC Affidavit with Death Certificate
Agreement AGR Agreement, Assumption, Bill of Sale, Consent, Future Advance, Lease, Merger, Subordination, Trust
Agreement or Contract for Deed AGD Agreement for Deed, Contract for Deed
Appeal APPEAL Appeal, Notice of Appeal
Assignment ASG / ASGNC Assignment of anything (except UCC-3)
Bond BND Bond
Certificate CTF Certificates, Articles of Incorporation
Certified copy of a Judgment CCJ Certified copy of a previously recorded judgment, Bankruptcy Discharge of Debtor
Condominium, Declaration of CND Declaration of Condominium
Court Paper CP / CPR Circuit and County Court Papers (except for probate): Decree, Dismissal, Injunction, Mandate, Motion, Petition, Miscellaneous Court Documents
Death Certificate DC Death Certificate
Deed D / D2 / DD Deed, certified copy of Certificate of Title, Leasehold Estate Deed
Easement EAS Easement, Right-of-Way
Financing Statement/UCC FIN Financing Statement, UCC-1, UCC-3, anything related to a Financing Statement
Government-Related GOV / GOVNC Ordinance, Resolution, Precinct Notices, Annexation, Vacation of Road, Violations
Judgment JUD All Judgments
Lien LN / LNPD Lien, Claim of Lien, Assessments, Tax Lien, Warrant, Public Defender Lien
Lis Pendens LP Lis Pendens
Marriage Record MAR Marriage Application, License, and Certificate
Military Discharge MIL Military Discharge, DD-214
Modification MOD Modification of anything, Extension of anything, Continuation of anything
Mortgage MTG Mortgage, Chattel Mortgage
Mortgage MTGCU Mortgage from Credit Union
Mortgage MTGDS Mortgage with only Recording fees and DS
Mortgage MTGEX Mortgage exempt from DS & IT
Mortgage MTGIT Mortgage with only Recording fees and IT
Notice NOT Appointment, Approval, By Laws, Designation, Notice, Oath, Waiver, Notice of Limitation, Resignation, Disclaimer (not of court), Declaration, Memorandum, Miscellaneous Document
Notice of Bond NOTB Notice of Bond
Notice of Commencement NOC Notice of Commencement, Recommencement
Notice of Contest of Lien NCL Notice of Contest of Lien
Notice of Homestead NOTH Notice of Homestead
Notice of Tax Deed Application NOTTD Notice of Tax Deed Application
Order ORD / ORDR All Orders
Partial Release PR / PRNC Partial Release of anything
Plat PL Plat
Plat Related PLR Surveyor's Certificate/Affidavit, Affidavit of Correction to Plat, Resolution to Vacate Plat, Survey
Power of Attorney POA Power of Attorney
Probate Documents PRO / PROR All Probate Documents, Non-taxable Certificate, Estate Tax Closing Letter, Will
Release or Satisfaction REL / RELNC / RELPD Release of anything, Cancellation of anything, Satisfaction of anything
Release RELGOV Release of government document (i.e., Release of Road Assessment)
Release of Notice of Tax Deed Application RELTD Release of Notice of Tax Deed Application
Restrictions RES Covenants, Restrictions, Homeowners' Association By-laws
Termination TER Termination of Power of Attorney and Notice of Commencement, Revocation
Transfer TRA Transfer of Lien to Cash, Transfer of Lien to Bond, Transfer of Lien to Security