Application Information

Applications will be pre-screened by the Clerk's administrative staff and division supervisor to ensure the applicant meets the minimum requirements. Applicants selected for an interview will be interviewed by a team selected by the Clerk.

As part of the pre-employment procedure, references and previous employers provided by applicants and/or reference sources will be checked. The applicant is checked though an inquiry into the Florida Comprehensive Case Information System computerized criminal and civil history files. All information solicited will be in accordance with federal guidelines and laws (EEOC, ADA, etc.).

The Clerk will consider all applications for employment filed with our office, provided the application has been fully completed to include: a computer skills assessment and notarized compliance affidavit on file. The application will be considered inactive after sixty (60) days. The Clerk may approve or disapprove applicants for employment taking into consideration the requirements of the position to be filled, the applicant and his or her qualifications, and the interests of the Clerk.

The Clerk may reject an application which indicates that the applicant does not possess one or more of the requirements. A typing test will be required during the interviewing process. Applications may also be rejected for the following reasons:

(1) The applicant has been convicted of a felony or of a first degree misdemeanor which directly relates to the position sought.
(2) The applicant has made false statements of any fact in the application.
(3) When other required qualifications or conditions are not met.

NOTE: Whether or not an applicant will be rejected under items 1 and 2 above will depend on the specific facts, including the nature of the offense, the relevance to employment, the passage of time since the incident occurred, evidence of rehabilitation or other mitigating factors.