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2019 VAB Resolutions

  • 19-VAB-1 - Adopting final decisions; providing for Certification by the Chairman of the VAB on behalf of the Board; and publication of Notice of Tax Impact. 19-VAB-1 - No Decisions attached.pdf (55.2 KBs)
  • 19-VAB-2 - Provides for payment of interim costs and expenses upon approval by the Chairman of the VAB; the winding-up of the 2018 VAB; and the organization of the 2019 VAB. 19-VAB-2.pdf (109.3 KBs)
  • 19-VAB-3 - Ratifies payments made and actions taken under Resolution 18-VAB-2 and provides for payment of interim costs and expenses upon approval by the Chairman of the VAB. 19-VAB-3.pdf (90.1 KBs)
  • 19-VAB-4 - Imposes a filing fee of $15.00 per separate, non-contiguous parcel of property, real or personal, covered by a Petition. For joint petitions, a filing fee in the amount of $15.00 for the petition, plus a fee of $5.00 for each parcel included in the petition. No filing fee is required by a taxpayer who provides an appropriate certificate or other documentation issued by the Department of Children and Family Services at the time the petition is submitted advising that they receive assistance or with respect to disapproval of homestead exemption or homestead tax deferral. Additional information regarding filing fees is also included. 19-VAB-4.pdf (154.3 KBs)
  • 19-VAB-5 - Addresses Good Cause for petitions filed after the filing deadline and procedures to be followed. 19-VAB-5.pdf (108.4 KBs)
  • 19-VAB-6 - Advises of procedures for requests to conduct hearings by electronic media (telephonic means). 19-VAB-6.pdf (65.6 KBs)
  • 19-VAB-7 - Addresses procedures for conducting hearings by electronic media (telephonic means). 19-VAB-7.pdf (111.4 KBs)
  • 19-VAB-8 - Upon agreement of the parties, may reschedule or continue hearings with less than 15 days’ notice and provides authority to the VAB Clerk to modify the adopted hearing schedule and set further hearing dates and publish notice accordingly. 19-VAB-8.pdf (47.5 KBs)

2018 VAB Resolutions